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Friday, 18 January 2013

Busiest week.


I don't know why but sometimes, being here, in Palam makes me feel so small. i mean, the other students are so so so clever,brilliant,intelligent and i looks like so stupid. i can't even understand what's going on in lecture hall while the others are nodding means that they understand what the lecturer said. Exam is coming but i have many chapters that i didn't cover yet!

so stress at this moment and so,here i am. tulis entry untuk melalut and speaking english yang tersangatlah hancusss. alah,macam lah ada lecturer bi nak betulkan grammar azie dalm blog ni,ye dak?

see. i'm a busy person. ingat nak update pasal trip ke skytrex but cancel. next  time, bila tak busy. :)


  1. SOBAHUL KAHIR...Ate bizi beno yong nh

    1. apa maksud sobahul kahir tu? azie tak pandai mana arab2 ni. ntoh ler. nak test makin bizi kojenye~


hai abang,kakak,adik yang ensem dan gorgeous. komen jangan tak komen ! ^_^